29 September 2014

Week's End

// Reading the latest edition of Style:Weddings left me feeling inspired and worried about our pockets. One thing that we can be glad of is that our wedding is not happening any time sooner.

// While reading the magazine, Shania Twain's From This Moment On came up on the radio. How timely is that?

// The haze situation got worse compared to the day. It was all humid and not-so-pleasant smelling. I had to tie my hair up in order to continue with the chores. Speaking of which, parents are coming back tomorrow! Yay!

// Bake another batch of No Bake Cookies, this time with all ingredients in. I think I added slightly too much butter, but overall it was so much better with peanut butter. Mmmm~

A link up with Oak & Oats and A Dash of Time

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