17 October 2014

Friday Favourites #27

via BuzzFeed
Who love life hacks? I am assuming everyone who reads this. Freezing whip is the last thing I would've thought of, but it came just on time for cool (and wet) weather!

via Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe
I love how simple the party is! So excited to know the gender of Christina's baby!

via Centime
My handwriting is one of the few things of myself that I am proud of. It would be super cool to be wearing a bracelet with my own written words, or best still something written by J!

via Baker by Nature
I went to bed hungry last night after seeing this and I am still thinking about this! Major craving for not-so-wet tomato based pasta. Mmmm~ J, caught my hint yet?

via One Man, One Garage
Instead of candlelight dinner, it would be awesome to be dining with something unique like this. The best part? You can have s'mores for desserts!



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