14 October 2014

Lovely Letters // Comfort

Thanks to The Snail Mail Collective, I found myself falling in love with the planning process of an exchange with another blogger/participant. Just recently I chanced upon Lovely Letters hosted by Esther, with a theme allocated for each month's exchange. For the month of September, COMFORT was the theme and I thought that was a good start for me to jump in with!

My partner is an adventurous introvert, Paige from Moments for the journey. Sometimes it's good to know I am not alone in being awkward under the spotlight AND she is a tea drinker too! How awesome is that?! She plans to live in a tiny house, probably with her husband, Daisy the golden retriever and Kris-P the cat. Being a hopeless romance, I enjoyed reading through her love story (creepy stalker much?). Did you know she is also having fun with alphabet dates?

• Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla
• Local souvenir, engraved spoon
• Green tea
• Mismatched colourful socks

Her package took a little longer than expected to arrive, so we got worried about it being lost somewhere. Thank goodness it did not and you can imagine how excited I was seeing it sitting on my desk after work last Friday. Such a great way to kick start the weekend eh?

• Inspiring quoted cards
• Local postcard, lovely handwritten card
• Blue necklace (she knows my colour!)
• Sachets of Lipton tea and her Southern Sweet Tea recipe
• Sachets of Bentley's green tea (Passion Fruit & Papaya / Blueberry Green Tea / Raspberry / Oriental Treasure / Pomegranate / Mango)

I literally squealed on the inside the moment I opened it up and take photos of them. Don't worry Paige, they sure make me feel comforting. ;)

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

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