06 October 2014

Weekly Wishes #60

Last week was all about feeling better from that nasty sore throat and cough. Guess who is 90% recovered?! Woohoo! I'm still trying my best to keep away from food that are spicy and fried though.

This week's goals:
• Prep myself mentally for Wednesday's training. I have been assigned to undergo a external payroll software training alone. I really hope I don't die from awkwardness. Omg.
• No more carbonated drinks, at least for this week. I have been drinking chilled carbonated drink for past two days and the bloated aftermath is making me miserable. It's weird because I don't have this issue before. Makes me wanna take out my stomach for a good cleaning now.
• Prepare Edgar's gift. From last night's debate, I decided to go with getting a gift or two instead of red packet for his full month celebration.
• Have an awesome weekend with J. He's finally having consecutive off days, so it's going to be great!

I can fill this post with the word "bleargh" because my lungs are screaming for help with this increasingly bad haze situation. Don't get me wrong, I don't normally complain about the haze or "What is the government doing by not declaring blahblahblah" like many people out there. It's just that, right now breathing in is so unbearable. Wearing mask is really something I hope/wish to avoid. Serious. Which reminds me, I should carry a duct tape with me from now on. J likes to talk a lot during our time on the road, especially on the bike.

What are you aiming to achieve this week? Other than taping someone else's mouth, of course.

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