13 October 2014

Weekly Wishes #61

Let's take a look at last week's goals!

Wednesday's training was nothing like the awkward situation I thought it would be, so I guess that means it went really well! Except for I arrived late and had to sit at the front row. Anyway, I am also proud of myself for not having any carbonated drinks intake. Woohoo!

Though still in the drafting process, I've actually decided on the gift for Edgar's full month celebration. Keep your fingers crossed for my (not so) creative self!

The weekend with J was awesome, except for the incident that happened yesterday morning. I am still trying to brush it off to the back of my mind by telling myself it's all mental hallucination. Other than that, yup, we had a great time.

This week's goals:
• Have inner peace. I would be lying if I told you I'm still not shaken about yesterday morning's incident.
• Take a chill pill about Saturday's assignment. To be overwhelmed in a negative way made me second doubt my decision. I just have to keep remind myself about the final goal. It's going to be worth it. It will be. It has to.
• Get Edgar's gift going. Maybe this will take my mind off.
• Have a blast at Blog Baton! I'm being scheduled to take over the world baton on Wednesday, so don't forget to join me! Eeeep!

I am hoping work time will go faster this week and leisure time to be slower. I could really use some time to heal my soul, and of course prepare things that I should be doing. Heh.

What are you aiming to achieve this time round?

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