05 October 2014

Week's End

// Baby Edgar says HI! His marshmallow-squeezeable-squishy cheeks are not as squishy anymore, but he's still as cuddly as before. I didn't carry him at all today because he was more wriggly than before, but it was fun to be witnessing his ever changing expressions. Here, he was leaning on my aunt like a boss, refusing to smile like an angel when I had my phone camera pointing at him. Guess what? He totally mocked me with the biggest smile after I gave up trying.

// Toys for kids these days are so advanced. We used to play with pieces of notes during Monopoly, now they have electronic unit to store and deduct money with. I don't even.

// Getting journal routine back. I have be slacking off for a long time. The best part is that there is nothing sucky about today to pen down! Woohoo!

// I'm totally debating between gathering items for Baby E's full month celebration and a simple red packet. I don't know, let's see where this week leads me to.

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