26 October 2014

Week's End

// Finally getting things done while J do his thang in the kitchen. I spent a good whole day being off the internet yesterday for a good cause. Maybe a good cause. It feels great to get those unread feed done on Bloglovin as well as clearing up my inbox. Life is good. *sips on imaginary cup of tea*

// I could smell it when J is more or less done with lunch! His dad and brother likes the sweet and sour chicken the most, though the dad feedback about the meat quantity. Haha. For me, I just love how soft the carrots were and those enoki and prawns totally complimented the dish. Mmmm~

// In my first point I mentioned about being in the invisible mode for a good cause. Well, my good cause is The Sims 4! I know, I know. That's like the most unproductive thing I can be doing, but hey, I AM a The Sims lover too. ;)

// J and I met up after dinner for ice-cream. The sky was red-ish and my mood for the day was totally killed by him in the afternoon, so a simple ice-cream that is! Come to think of it, I can't remember when was the last time I actually had an cone ice-cream from McDonald's.

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