27 November 2014

Black & White Photo Challenge

Two weeks ago, Paige tagged me on Instagram to do a 5-days black and white photo challenge. It seemed harmless and don't require that much of a time, and coincidentally a new week was about to begin, so why not?

It wasn't that harmless after all.

I know it's cheating to use an old photo, but I can't help it since this is my top favourite black and white photo. I think you can understand why.

This was taken by J's iPhone 6. It's so annoying that his phone camera takes clearer pictures. I am getting one, now.

Boy, was it tough! It's really difficult to find light in the black and white perspective, which make me appreciate the rest of the colours even more. Really. I may never be able to take up the role of a photographer, let alone a professional in the black and white genre, but it was still nice to have this experience. You should search the hashtag blackandwhitephotochallenge on Instagram, there are tons of inspiration there!

Have you ever try a challenge like this before? If you have, was it difficult for you to get that ideal shot of yours?


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