07 November 2014

Friday Favourites #30

via Woodland Tale
Wouldn't you love to receive a snail mail with a peeping bear? I would!

via Rivers and Roads
I am officially jealous (in a good way) of Meg's trip to Laurel Falls, especially that autumn leaf!

via Ruche
To be in love with sweaters when I'm born and raised in a all-year-long-summer country, I know how crazy that sounds. I am practical enough to not fill my closet with sweaters yet, but nothing can stop me from lusting over them.

via Local Adventurer
Living in a well-lit country makes it almost impossible to see a sky full of stars. It should then come to no surprise that how much I yearn to stargaze in a place like this, even if that means I have to lie down on a rocky road path.

via Kendra Castillo Art
Speaking of stargazing, a peaceful view of clear blue sky with a big moon hanging is not a bad idea too. Kendra is celebrating the grand opening of her shop!



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