28 November 2014

Lovely Letters // Gratitude

Another round of Lovely Letters!

For this month's gratitude themed exchange, I was paired up in a three-ways swap with Feng Lin and Hsiao-Ting. Initially Feng Lin was supposed to be my partner while she would send a parcel to Hsiao-Ting and the latter to me. Through our long conversation, we decided it will be a better idea to send one to each other!

Outgoing to Feng Lin
• Journal book
• Washi tape
• Yankee candle
• Notecards
• Lovely letter

Outgoing to Hsiao-Ting
• Journal book
• Washi tape
• Yankee candle
• Hand cream
• Notecards
• Lovely letter

Breathing the same air, no doubt I'd be the first to receive the parcel from fellow Singaporean Feng Lin. She is definitely more adventurous than me though, her hiking experience made me feel like a bloop of jelly.

Incoming from Feng Lin
• Tom yum flavoured biscuit
• Chocolate biscuit
• Mini notepad
• Notecard
• Lovely letter

Situated all the way San Francisco, United States, Hsiao-Ting is not strange with my feelings for food and share the same love! I can totally feel her excitement when Crystal Jade opened a branch at her hood!

Incoming from Hsiao-Ting
• Assorted packets of tea
• Biscuits & candies
• Organic soap
• Body moisturiser
• Nail polish
• Mascara & Lip Tar/Matte
• Mask
• Heart-shaped frame
• Stickers, labels
• Notepad (!!!), washi tape, Sharpie marker (!!)
• Postcards
• Lovely Letter

Though I was the latest (again) to send out the parcels this month, it was tons of fun communicating with the two awesome ladies! Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

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