01 November 2014

Lovely Letters // Fall/Halloween

Another round of Lovely Letters!

My partner for the October Fall/Halloween theme was Esther, one of the adventurous duo from Local Adventurer! Being paired with the host of the link up definitely is a little stressful. Can you feel the knot in my stomach? Thankfully she was definitely humble and easy-going, totally helped free those butterflies.

• Colourful washi tape
• Peach shawl
• Owl necklacke
• Monster (corner) bookmark
• Fake tattoo
• Handwritten card and letter
• Halloween garland

Her package is still on the way, so I'll be sipping tea while awaiting for its arrival!

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but nothing beats that feeling when you see a parcel waiting for you at the coffee table after a long day at work.

• Candies! Skittles, Starburst, Pop Rocks, Kitkat. Eeeep!
• Hair bands
• Nail polish that glows in the dark
• Lovely letter

It's an package full of Halloween goodness, you guys! I really felt as if I went trick-or-treating. For some reasons, those dark side Skittles made me feel bad ass. Heh.

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

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