20 November 2014

The Happy List #4

Time for another round of The Happy List, inspired by Camie from Wild Spirit, a joyous community where you share that one or many moments which pasted a big fat smile on your face. Join us by sharing what made you happy! There's no better way to spread happiness and receive warm feelings from around the world.

  1. It was really nice to meet Em once again and going for my first girly drink of the year! Not that I drink a lot....
  2. To see Edgar smiling and yapping away on two separate Sundays had really helped those following Mondays better. Much, much better.
  3. Window-shopping with J! The other day he made me try out clothes I will never say, and to be honest it was fun.
  4. I haven't had spicy food in the longest time and to pamper myself once again makes me wanna fly. Mmmm~
  5. Planning for my first giveaway! EEEEP!!!


1. Share your posts on what made you happy for the past week, month, or however you wish! Only entries linked to your post is accepted.

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