25 November 2014

Vacation Must Haves

I can be the contented messiest person in the world or the best procrastinator you'll ever met, but I can be quite bitchy when it comes to planning for vacation. I don't fancy the idea of planning for a holiday at the very last minute, which means my flight has to be booked at least one month in advance to secure that holiday plan. About a week prior to the trip, I would make a detailed to-bring-list because I am forgetful like that. You can ask J, he would agree with me on that.

So let me share with you my ideal checklist today, whether it's for staycation or vacation!

1. Airfare and accommodation booking

As mentioned, I like to settle this way in advance. Preferably two months for airfare and three weeks for accommodation, I like to keep my plans firm while not breaking my bank.

2. Book a vehicle

As mentioned, I like to settle this way in advance. Preferably two months for airfare and three weeks for accommodation, I like to keep my plans firm while not breaking my bank.

Thinking back, it was definitely the right decision to book a ride for my Langkawi trip with The Gang years ago. True, the hotel can provide us with transportation or we can arrange for taxis to pick us up, but all these has a kind of limitations. We can't change our mind about where we want to shop at the last minute, we are not that free to say. I remember we took a long time browsing through the website, spoilt with choices, fickle-minded about what to get. We ended up getting a Nissan Serena, which we code-named as Serena from then on, which allowed the six of us to travel comfortably. I am so thankful for such companies, one such as RelayRides, providing car services for travellers from overseas or within the state.

3. Outfit planning

I like to double-check with my travelling partners prior the packing, just so you know you don't over pack or miss something out. Staycations are more straight forward - a set each for sleeping and the following morning outfit. Though I am no fashion diva (and I don't understand the need to dress up like one during a holiday), I would always lay the potential clothing to see how I can mix and match during that trip. I probably can live with two sets of outfit and a long winter coat if I ever travel to somewhere cold. Just saying.

4. First Aid Kit

Items to include: pouch // plaster // sanitiser wipe // bandage // cotton // panadol // po chai pills

Till date, I would only store away medical items like panadol and po chai pills, I don't technically own a first aid kit. but other than that Seeing Amanda's first handmade kit made me realised I should probably gather one to call my own too.

5. Miscallenous

Oh, don't we all love this section? Ranging from phone charger to personal hygiene items, there are so many things that can fall in here. One trick when I am travelling with J, one of us would be in-charged to bring charger for phone if we find it too hassle for both of carry along, since our phones can use the identical charging port. Another habit my mum infused in me since young was to have that additional plastic bags when we travel, be it for wet towel or dirty clothing.

So there you go! Writing this list had successfully hallucinated me to thinking there is an upcoming trip for me. If only that was real.

What is your travelling check list like? Share with us today!

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