24 November 2014

Weekly Wishes #67

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Sunday was awesome! Spent the morning playing The Sims 4, got all productive with Lovely Letters snail mail, had a good family dinner and then double-date desserts to close the day. I still have one more swap to follow up with, can't wait to get it done!

The five days #blackandwhitephotochallenge was fun! Not to forget, challenging as well. It was really tough finding the light through a colourless perspective, salute to those who do it professionally!

This week's goals:
• Don't get burnt. There are a few things urgently need to be done and clear from the editorial calendar this week. Sure it sounds a little stressful for a worm like me, but I am super excited! Someone needs to remind me to breathe.
• Speaking of burnt, no more spicy food! Yes, the time to curb has come. I allowed myself to indulge in all sorts of spicy food - dry fishball with sambal, laksa, spicy chicken galbi - the whole of last week. I am not even sorry about it, but time to get back to routine.
• Start Christmas shopping! With Great Christmas Exchange 2014 kicked start and a list for my nephews and nieces pinned on my board, the festive mood is on! Am I the only one getting all too early?

What are some of the upcoming goals you're aiming to achieve?

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