23 November 2014

Week's End

// I finally got motivated on my own to clear the clutter on my desk. When I showed and asked J if he spot any difference of my desk, he asked if it was the printer. Well, honey, it was always there. (Yah, it's that bad.)

// With a so-much-more organised desk, I am able to get my hands on the overdue Lovely Letters snail mail. Can't wait to drop them!

// There was something different when we were first served with a cup of ice water each. It was not your typical tap/boiled water nor was does it taste anything like those with lemons added in it. When the waitress brought the big flask to our table, I was amazed. I really like this combination! Maybe it's time to try fruits infused water for real.

// To spend a Sunday night with desserts and laugh ain't too shabby, and yes I am the colour combo breaker of the night. Booo.

A link up with Oak & Oats and living on cloud nine

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