31 December 2014

Recap 2014

It's always bittersweet doing a rewind post for a year, reliving that moment all over again. Let's flip the pages together, shall we?


// Had a go at Project 365 but failed.
// Made a DIY voucher (my first ever DIY!) for J's birthday, it's quite safe to say it is not utilised at all. Just as I hoped. Ssshhh...
// Fell in love with my first stay at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.
// J made a dream of my came true with the gift of this Pandora bracelet as part of my quarter-life birthday celebration.
// Ended up looking like a traffic police in front of Big Ben at 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition.
// Embarked on major hinting Friday Favourites posts
// Split Pic App brought out the model in J and me. I kid, but it was good to see him being spontaneous with my nonsensical demands though. Heh.
// First ever NOM ad sales was made by Wina from Foreign Geek! EEEP!
// Got hooked on buying and sending postcards.
// Tried Alphabet Date with J (well, duh) but failed.
// Visited Food & Hotel Asia exhibition and boy was it an eye opener!
// J proposed on our sixth year anniversary!
// Joined in the #100HappyDays fun but kinda fail.
// Signed up for my first e-course ever.
// Watching my western chef show off his Asian skill with wok tossing made me melt inside.
// Back to kampung after so long.
// Being at Taylor Swift concert, The Red Tour, was magical.
// Our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip was literally another food trip.


// Went all red with J's family during Hari Raya Puasa.
// Started journaling on a nightly basis, penning down happy and sad moments of the day.
// Attended my first sponsored event.
// Stepped out of my comfort zone by meeting a fellow blogger!
// Took over Blog Baton's Instagram account and it felt good.
// Dawned with a new perspective and respect for black and white photography.
// My name ALMOST make it on this Starbucks cup. Dang!
// Hosted my first giveaway and it was so much fun! Thank you guys!
// Gave J a watch as a return engagement gift.

This year really has been a roller coaster ride. Experiencing the highest point of life, but not the lowest. Going through the joy of gaining and the heartache of losing. Witnessing changes in characters. Getting exposed and clearing misunderstanding of a whole new world. What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, right?

2014, you have been eventful in all aspects of my life.


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