30 December 2014

Top Instagram Photos

You should know by now that I am terrible at taking selfie, but that didn't stop me from taking over Instagram! Naaah, I am not that awesome. One can dream though, right?

On a less joking note, I really do enjoy spending time in Instagram. Don't get me wrong though, I am no addict who surf the social platform 24/7. It's refreshing (with much envy) to travel the world in others' lenses, inspiring to see the creative work of others, learning the tips and tricks of photography along the way. Of course, it's a way to bond with friends, as well as stalking some of them to be updated with their stories.

Becoming J's secured girlfriend.

Each happy ending's a brand new beginning

Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue

I'm trying my best not to cringe each time I see myself in red.

Mid Autumn Festival play time with the little monsters.

I felt so nostalgic, with butterflies at some of them, looking through my postings for the year! What are some of your top favourites postings on Instagram?


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