15 December 2014

Weekly Wishes #70

I am quite happy to say the goals from last week are finally checked! Woohoo! Took less than half an hour on Sunday to organise my drawers for craft/stationery, turns out I don't own as much as I thought I did. Made some Christmas cards that are meant to be sent out as swaps as well, they're sitting nicely in the envelope waiting to be stamped. Can't wait, can't wait!

This week's goals:
Get templates done for work wise. It will never be a good time to drop the bomb until there is enough cushion for my superior to fall on. Oh....
Get that gift for exchange. There's a Christmas party with The Gang this Saturday and I have yet to buy anything for the gift exchange. Well, to be fair, none of us bought anything yet. Hah!
• Speaking of which, have tons of fun at the party! Duh, obviously it will be. ;)

What are some of the upcoming goals you're aiming to achieve?

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