22 December 2014

Weekly Wishes #71

Last week was all about the bass, 'bout the bass pretty fun! Sucks that I didn't get much templates done for work. The good news is that I decided on the gift exchange in time. Instead of tumbler for Starbucks, I switched to getting a speaker. Also, needless to say I had tons of fun with The Gang on Saturday's Christmas party!

In the midst of shopping spree, I got this watch for J. It's not a Christmas present, more of an engagement present really. After the proposal, I have been thinking if I should get him something and what it should be if I am. Ring didn't even enter the to-consider-list. Did a little research and realised that some women actually proposes to their men with manly watches like Rolex. My pocket ain't that deep and the idea of super mature watch just didn't feed J's age. Since it would be a waste buying a watch he doesn't like, I ditched a potential surprise session and told him straight up about the whole plan of getting him something as an engagement gift. So, here you go! I'm glad he likes it.

This week's goals:
• Shoe shopping! Other than TOMS, I don't have that much flats to mingle with and definitely not a heels girl y'all. I should really start looking for a decent pair of formal casual flats, especially since there's a big wedding affair coming up next week!
• iPhone 6 or not? It would be nice to be using the same phone again with J and then pass mine to brother, but the screen has been the biggest turn off factor. I mean, it can no longer fit into my pocket that easily. Oh man, I don't know.
• Have fun being Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Gift shopping for the kids was done rather last minute. Since J will be having his off day on Wednesday, he had offered his service to going around dropping presents with me. His primary motivation is to see how En Qi will react, that's all. Such a nice future uncle-in-law, right? *shifty eyes*

What are some of the seasonal goals you're aiming to achieve?

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