29 January 2015

100 Happy Days // Day 11 - 20

011/100 The 2015 Planner is here!!!

012/100 Super touched that Za kept all the sweet messages from me.

013/100 Little peek on items for Angela.

014/100 Slumber party! Sort of....

015/100 Mum cooked asam pedas fish for dinner! It was good despite being an instant pack. Mmm~

016/100 My parents love me this much. So much so they bought two sets of Yakult. Heh.

017/100 This top reminded brother and me of Ray. Totally made our day.

018/100 Super in love with this fruity-flowery black tea!

019/100 Combination of charcoal waffle, Cookie & Monster and maple syrup is the bomb!

020/100 An evening well spent with an accommodating man, learning new things as we roll.

What made you happy in the past few days?


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