15 January 2015

#100HappyDays // Days 1 - 10

001/100 Looking at these polaroids made me wanna relive the long weekend all over again.

002/100 Nothing quite like these mini happy pills after receiving an unacceptable reasoning from school. Pffft.

003/100 Finally gotten an album for 100HappyDays!

004/100 This snuggly fluff kept dozing off at random spots today. He even flopped for ten minutes. Heh.

005/100 After a long day at work and two rounds of drinks, bed and bolster are just what I want right now.

006/100 Bought myself a present from Jo Totes and it's here! Yaaay!

007/100 Special lunch/dinner delivery.

008/100 Bringing our artistic sides on my birthday celebration

009/100 It's always a great feeling to see Singapore in random books.

010/100 Finally, a decent bowl of tom yum fish soup after so long! The best, so far, is still the one from 121 Eating House. :9

Have you guys heard of 100HappyDays? It's a move to find happiness every day and spread the smiles! I tried it last year but failed halfway (what's new?). This year I'm determined to stick this through, so far so good! Why don't you join me, as well as the rest of the community, in this positive project? ;)


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