17 January 2015

Birthday Celebrations

The past two weekends were filled with birthday celebrations and they had been a blast!

J celebrated his birthday on the first weekend with The Gang. We had steamboat for dinner (what's surprising right?) and bought take-away cakes from Lady M. Their Signature Mille Crêpes is still to die for! Mmmm~ We played a couple rounds of The Resistance and it further made me hate the game. Firstly, I suck at bluffing games. It was even worst when the role of spy kept coming back to me. Secondly, for some reasons, I couldn't put on my poker face like I used to be able to. Maybe I was too happy. In any case, I really find this game repulsive. Maybe it's loser talk. *shrug*

Last weekend was spent the way I wanted. Well, almost. Slept till late, brunch with J, The Sims 4, special lunch/dinner delivery, birthday hugs and kisses from the monsters, dinner with parents. Simple, but enough. The Gang planned a different celebration to be spent at Arteastiq. Art has never been my forte, which was the reason why I elected Design & Technology in secondary school. I was ready to draw either 26 pastel balloons or a tribute of my Pandora bracelet. Obviously I picked the latter, also as a form of present to J. Heh.

Let me share a secret with you, it was quite an emotional growing old for me. Don't get me wrong, I love everything that put a big smile on our faces and every wishes that sent fuzzy feelings to my soul. What made my heart ached was the news J and I received a day before my birthday. That was definitely beyond our control for sure. I can say all the positive things to cheer J up, to put up a brave front to others, to console myself.... but on actual fact, it still stings like a bitch whenever the topic surface. Trust me, I'm trying my best to be as positive as I can by distracting myself.

Oh, look. Here's my octopus lips attacking J.


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