08 January 2015

Project 365 // Days 1 - 7

001/365 It still feel so surreal to have the first pair of married couple among The Gang. Can't think of a better way to kickstart the year though.

002/365 Christmas card and colourful blank cards from Janis Lee, partner of Lovely Letters December.

003/365 J celebrated his birthday slightly in advance with The Gang. Full of food, cakes and The Resistance.

004/365 Attack of octopus lips

005/365 What can be more satisfying than eating ice-cream with air-con blasting at your face?

006/365 Raining day calls for hot pot of kimchi soup!

007/365 This book arrived late due to Christmas traffic. Well, better late than never!

You guys, I am totally back in the game! To be honest, I almost gave up a couple of days back but I refused to let my 2015 resolutions gone just like that. I'm also using Collect Photo App to help track past photos and fire up motivation. Pretty excited about how far this will go! *fingers crossed*


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