27 January 2015

Project 365 // Days 17 - 25

017/365 Flipping through planner after dinner

018/365 It was a sleep-till-afternoon and game-all-evening kind of Sunday. I may or may not have sent this to J, telling him I'm sniffling up his scent. #sorrynotsorry

019/365 Enjoyed admiring the loaf rabbit doze off the whole evening at random places in the house.

020/365 Got to make full use of the benefit of being a Swensen's member on birthday month right? ;)

021/365 To block out light (and a certain smell), she did this for cat nap.

022/365 A simple day well spent with J. It was much needed.

023/365 My handwriting is something I'm proud of myself. Can you tell?

024/365 Theme Hospital was promoted as the selected free game by Origin, naturally I HAD to download. ;)

025/365 Watching her build castle with blocks which I own as a kid is such a nice feeling.


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