22 January 2015

Project 365 // Days 8 - 16

008/365 Such a great time catching up over food and drinks. Waking up for work is going to be a bitch later. Until next month!

009/365 Because good people should not waste food even if it's kept since Christmas. Also, we need to clear out this big block for more snacks, right?

010/365 Birthday "cake"

011/365 My dad has never been a fan of smile-in-the-camera, but rest assure he had fun too.

012/365 "Didn't anyone tell you not to take photo when somebunny is eating?"

013/365 Maybe we are becoming waffle couple. Well, only on days when it's 50% off.

014/365 A glimpse of what's by my bed side - Knight Bear Bear, journal and the new addition A Beautiful Mess colourful 2015 planner.

015/365 One-for-one offers are difficult to be missed. Besides, look, my name!!!

016/365 Selfie with Xiao Bai


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