05 January 2015

Weekly Wishes V:Jan

Happy first Monday of the year!

Coming up with goals and knowing more people from blogosphere has made my Weekly Wishes participation a jolly one last year. With that being said, obviously there are no reasons for me to stop taking part in the link-up, right? Duh.

This year, though, I'm gonna shake things up a little. I want to try listing some huge goals I have on a monthly basis, with subsequent weekly goals to help achieve them as well as throwing in salt and pepper along the way. Not sure if this will fail badly or not, but right now it's going to be that way.

Last week was awesome! We said goodbye to 2014, welcomed a brand new year by kicking start with the first wedding of The Gang AND celebrating J's birthday over the weekend. It's pretty safe to say I questioned my presence at work after such long weekend.

This month's goals:
• Kick start Alphabet Date! Well, this point is for J because he insisted he wants to be the one with 'A' again. Fine.
• One DIY project. Anyone wanna join me on this? ;)
• Start exercising.
• Take one black and white photo.
• Drop THE bomb. Oh boy.

There you go! What are you aiming to achieve in this brand new month?

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!


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