12 January 2015

Weekly Wishes #74

Happy Monday, y'all! The past weekend has consisted of some me-time and doing things that I had never though I would. Can't wait to share some of my birthday celebrations with you guys!

I also managed to meet up with Em and Ras for some catching up prior my birthday. It was crazy to hang out in an Irish pub with two drinks each, only to reach home at midnight AND there was work the next day. My age is really catching up on me. Erhem. The highlight of the day when a passerby stopped at one of the condensed glass panel and did this almost detailed drawing. Epic, I tell ya.

This week's goals:
• Let J start on Alphabet Date A. Chances of him asking what to do on his off day is almost 80%, so I'm gonna drop obvious hint suggest this to him.
• Toilet roll collection had started since the first time I saw this pen holder, so it's definitely time to work my clumsy fingers.
• This week feels right to drop the bomb. I just need to find a right time to speak up.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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