19 January 2015

Weekly Wishes #75

Let's recap on last week's goals!

J didn't start his Alphabet Date A. Booo. Instead, he decided to persuade me not to go by sequence too after seeing this article by Esther. Obviously he won in the I-didn't-bother-to-argue debate. Now this changes the whole game, in better and more enjoyable way of course.

I weren't even close to this DIY project because my mum accidentally threw away some toilet rolls. I am mostly to blame because I didn't keep it with those she collected for me before that. Oh man.

The bomb has been dropped. I was feeling nervous and all so the news breaking session was delayed by a day. Did it go as what I expected? Yes and no. I got the reaction I expected, but not the response that came with it. Anyhoo, at least now it's easier to expect and plan for the next six months.

The happiness from this coffee date was short lived. After the almost-there situation the last time round, I was elated when the barista asked for my name! HOWEVER, I was dumb enough to heed J's advise on hiding our two coffee in my bag as a form of smuggling into the cinema. The inside of my bag, wallet, keys and whatsnot are all stained with coffee. My phone, though it was kept on the outside zipper of the bag, didn't escape to be stained. I can still smell the mocha from the phone's cover. Brilliant, I know.

This week's goals:
Gather and fill up parcel for Lovely Letters. I am super excited to shop for Sarah and her kids!
Find another DIY idea and work on it. Any suggestions?
Read The Lake for Book Club.
Take a black and white photo.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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