26 January 2015

Weekly Wishes #76

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Gathered about 80% of the things for my Lovely Letters partner but the box I bought to fill in was much smaller. Yikes. Gotta get this parcel out and flying this couple of days though!

Finding another DIY idea was a failure, let alone working on it. Booo.

Started reading The Lake for Book Club. The first few pages were rather dry, I had to remind myself of the synopsis that made me vote for the book in order to carry on.

Took a black and white photo of En Qi, while she builds a castle with blocks I own as a kid, as part of my 2015 resolutions. That feeling is rather nice. Imagine if it was my own daughter playing them.

This week's goals:
Another round of alphabet date. J will be on morning shift this week, meaning we'll have more opportunities to spend some dinner time together. Woohoo!
Go back to being early bird for work. Motivation was rather low to make myself reach work an hour earlier. Not saying that I have that motivation now.... gotta do what I need to clear, right?
Whip up this creamy tomato based pasta I shared on Friday. Maybe? The recipe seems reaaal easy, but the cleaning up part is what kept me out the kitchen.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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