11 January 2015

Week's End

// The much raved lychee tea was not what I expected at all.

// The Gang planned an afternoon at Arteastiq as a form of birthday celebration for me. To be honest, the thought of drawing is intimidating. (There was a reason why I picked Design & Technology over Arts in secondary school.) It was either 26 balloons in pastel colours or the charms on my pandora bracelet. Since I didn't really give J any birthday present, I painted (more like doodled) this for him.

// It only occur to me that I might need to seal the envelope on the outside after writing this. Fail.

// Dinner with family at this restaurant dad suggested. Thankfully the mood wasn't dampen despite the rain. My dad has never been a fan of smile-in-the-camera, but rest assure he had fun too.

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