18 January 2015

Week's End

// Penning down ahead on the planner. Flipping through the colourful pages really helped make me motivated, but nervous at the same time.

// J initiated a stayover last night! I don't know why but it doesn't really matter. I let him have my bed because he had to start work in the morning. Though my back ached like a bitch from sleeping on the floor thin mattress and didn't really slept well (both of us didn't, apparently), our day started out great with a morning smile and simple breakfast at the coffeeshop with my parents.

// Mum whipped up asam pedas fish for dinner. It is nonetheless good despite being an instant pack. Mmmm~

// Taylor Swift's Blank Space is still stuck in my head.

A link up with Oak & Oats and The Siberian American

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