14 February 2015

100 Happy Days // Days 21 - 30

021/100 The weather has been so cooling since last night, never a bad idea to have a fluffy feet warmer around. Not that he's complaining either.

022/100 Doing braids for myself is so much easier than doing it for her. I don't understand.

023/100 Xiao Bai came over for affection when he heard me doing unwrapping surprise birthday parcel on the floor.

024/100 J came over for dinner with my family. Well, almost the whole family. He was late so parents started first, but the short interaction they had was so nice to watch.

025/100 Tiredness has been such a leech lately. It got so bad I took a cat nap at work, something my body couldn't do before. Gaaah!

026/100 Monyet made a trip to buy us ladies cakes with one-for-one promotion. Who can say no to free cakes right?

027/100 Spotting rainbow from the car without directly killing my eyes. Did I?

028/100 Slumber party time is always happy time!

029/100 While J prepares dinner for his family before we head out for ours, I am helping him by keeping myself entertained.

030/100 I think he's trying to tell us something....

What made you happy in the past few days?

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