26 February 2015

Alphabet Date // Letter D

It was my turn for the next alphabet, but I'll give J some credits because he told me what he wanted helped as well. Such a nice boyfriend fiance, right?

The craving game for xiao long bao was still going strong for both of us, so we decided to pop by Din Tai Fung at BreadTalk IHQ which J promised there wouldn't be any queue. True enough, there wasn't that usual crazy long queue you see at almost every outlet of Din Tai Fung. Maybe we were early. Either way, not needing to wait is always a good news for us.

We had wanted to pick my mum and brother to Jurong, but they couldn't wait till we had our late breakfast. After our satisfying meal, we headed straight up to spent a couple of hours there just because I missed baby Edgar oh-so-much!

He wasn't corporating at all that day, instantly not smiling when I had the camera up. Duuude.

Travelled from the west to east before evening because J promised his family to prepare dinner. We did quick marketing at Giant, which was (and will always be) a killer with all the crowd shopping for groceries as well. What do I do when my lover chef is doing his shopping? I people watch, duh.

Being a good girlfriend fiancee, I got out of his kitchen way by lazing and occupying myself with TV on his bed. When boredom strikes, I do stupid things like beautifying stuffed toys with this bow tie he wore during a wedding we attending last month. Halfway through the preparation, he came into the room and announced we won't be joining his family for dinner.

Because someone has a craving for these ebi mentaiyaki at Sushi Tei. We had to queue for about thirty minutes, but it was totally worth it. We had the same I-am-going-to-heaven expressions when we both ate it at the same time. I wonder what went through the minds of those who've seen this awkward expression. Heh.

Other than the food, the highlight of the day is that we get to enjoy long drives. Easy for me to say since I'm not the one driving. Hah! But trust me, J enjoys ever single bit of it too. Every opportunities for us to talk and him to share of his workplace updates are much treasured.

What would you plan for this letter during alphabet dating?

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