12 February 2015

Alphabet Date // Letter S

J and I tried alphabet dating last year but it didn't last long. He will tell you it's my part to blame because nothing happened when it was my turn to execute F. Ok, I'll take that.

To be honest, we don't mind doing our routine dating that consists of food, food and food. Who can complain about that, right? Being the responsible adults that we are, we wouldn't mind a little spices here and there in our dates, which is why this year I am bringing back this interesting way of dating!

Instead of doing it in sequences like we tried the last time round, J gave his all in convincing me to opt for pick-as-you-like method, especially after I shared about Esther's take on alphabet dating.

Since J insisted he should be the one who start the ball rolling, I gave him the honour to do so. It didn't take him long before he decided on this alphabet and surprisingly he more or less know what he wanted us to do for the day. So, so, so much better than his take last year. Hah.

When he saw Starbucks promoting their one-for-one drink on Facebook, he knew it was something not to be missed. He said it's our destiny to grab free food because as food couple we should instill that mentality like that. Uh huh. I agree on the free part, but not so much on the one where we are cheap. Excuse me, mister? Anyhoo, I'll admit it was a good pre-dinner wake up call for our stomach and a pat on the back of our wallets.

Received a call shortly our worthy purchase from Parry, asking if we'd like to meet for dinner. It was super random, I tell ya. J decided on Yes Pot, saying he was already mentally prepared for a spicy dinner. We did some quick window-shopping for wedding bands before heading to NEX where we met up with the rest. Yes Pot wasn't too new for us since it is by Chicken Hotpot, the only difference is that the menu consist a couple of more hotpot choices.

Shu Xian was already surfing for after dinner ideas in the midst of our meal. That plus the sweet tooth of J and Parry, we ended up in a little ice-cream parlour Oblong at Serangoon Gardens. Turns out this waffle ice-cream hideout has sort of a skater theme. Win! J and I shared a stack of charcoal waffle (that explains the pitch blackness hah!) with Shu Xian and Ding Jie, and we totally conquered the small quantity syrup since the latter didn't want any of it. Double win for us!

While I like how it wasn't crowded, the loudness from the shop's speakers really put me off. The cafe was also a little smoky, maybe from the all the waffle making. If I'm looking for a romantic or intimate get together, I probably wouldn't pick this place as my top choice. Unless, of course, shouting is your norm.

The day ended faster than we hoped it would. If only there isn't such thing as working, but that's just dreamy talk. There was one thing we had to do before we officially call it a day - SELFIE!

What would you plan for this letter during alphabet dating?


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