10 February 2015

Project 365 // Days 26 - 32

026/365 Surprise birthday package from Feng Lin!

027/365 Bloated selfie in the morning.

028/365 Tiredness has been such a leech lately. It got so bad I took a cat nap at work, something my body couldn't do before. Gaaah!

029/365 Resisted eating chicken rice for three consecutive lunches because J was craving for these too. I'll probably won't eat another meal of this for the next three weeks.

030/365 It's a good day. It's a bad day. For a moment, I want to press pause and vanish from the world.

031/365 Slept till afternoon, indulged in desktop game, bummed around catching up on drama series, only to feel satisfied enough to do something slightly productive at this hour.

032/365 If you think we ended up here just for this, well, you are right.


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