02 February 2015

February Wishes

Let's recap on last month's goals!

Alphabet Date has officially started! Somehow both J and I kicked start an alphabet each before the month ended. Woohoo! Can't wait to share the little moments sooooon!

DIY project did not happen at all. After weeks of deciding and postponing, this department has been left to dust for a bit. I'm not giving up on this yet though.

Got my lazy bum to exercise by doing simple sit-ups during morning in the last week. Gonna be more consistent with this, adding along something spicy!

Took the first black and white photo of En Qi playing with blocks I once own.

Finally dropped THE bomb at mid month. It's crazy how I still don't know which industry I want to venture into, but one thing for sure I did not regret making this decision.

"Yesh hooman, you may kiss my front legs."
This week's goals:
Alphabet date. Hoping to do at least two.
Black and white photo.
Feast out during Chinese New Year. You guys, that feasting month is here! Bring it on, CNY goodies!
DIY project. Since I missed last month's, perhaps two this time round?
Consistent in the exercising department. So tempting to try 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge as recommended by Esther, but I'm just too shy to be working out when someone else is at home. Yikes.
Be on time for Lovely Letters. I was super late in sending out the items for my January's pal, gotta work on that!
Send out some love letters. Literally.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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