09 February 2015

Weekly Wishes #78

Good Monday, y'all! After sharing my February's goals last week, I caught the flu bug and was pretty much down the lower half of the week. Worst feeling ever. Thankfully my mum had the habit of keeping all yet-to-expire medicines from previous doctor visits, so I turned to a dose stronger than the ones given by company doctor. My voice is still pretty much affected by the flu (cue: sexy voice HAI), but it's safe to say I'm on the road to recovery.

This week's goals:
Get the groove back. There's a need to get back to the productive momentum, you guys, especially since I'm feeling better.
Shop for CNY clothing. I always keep shopping to the very last minute, just need to get one more outfit and I'm done.
Try not to indulge in goodies, yet. Why? Because the any feasting can be pardoned next week and I need to be feeling much more better than now to do that!

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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