17 February 2015

Weekly Wishes #79

After posting up last week's goals, it was back to on-off ride of feeling shitty. It did start going downhill until mid week when I wanted nothing to do with being online and just want to sleep all my might. Fortunately, the queasiness in the stomach and giddy spell didn't happen during working hours, though it did went full force crazy on Friday night. I practically spent the whole weekend thinking "What the hell is wrong me?", "Can I just drop dead here?" as well as being in the meh mode. After being stubborn for so long, I finally visited a doctor yesterday and feeling so much better with medications. Yah, I never learn.

Which lead to say, the goals I set previously pretty much didn't materialise at all. #thehorror

This week's goals:
Focus on feeling better. More water intake, zero sour and/or spicy food until....
• ... Chinese New Year feast! The celebration officially kicks off on Thursday and tomorrow is the day for reunion dinner! I'm so excited I can see those gastric acid bubbling in the stomach now.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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