14 March 2015

100 Happy Days // Days 41 - 50

041/100 Awkward selfie in the bus, but goodbye stubborn hair!

042/100 Straightened them stubborn hair!

043/100 Breakfast with him was the only healthy moment I had for the whole day.

044/100 So happy to have my medicine for gastric acid digested way before it was time to indulge in this.

045/100 Such a lovely hand made card for Valentine's Day.

046/100 Half day at work with no boss around calls for feasting morning and net surfing until the time is up. ;)

047/100 Nothing like lazing on bed, looking up to this view, after a day of rushing around visiting Johan's and my side of the paternal family.

048/100 Watching these two goofballs do the lion dance act made the house filled with loud laughters from their audience.

049/100 Getting a little of the groove back. Whoop!

050/100 Snacking on CNY goodies on a lazy Sunday.

What made you happy in the past few days?

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