07 March 2015

Some of ME

Camie from Wild-Spirit asked:

1. What’s a dish, that if you left your home country for a foreign country for 6 months, you’d instantly miss?
Hainanese chicken rice for sure! That's probably the first thing I would eat once I return. I could have a plate now too. Mmmm~

2. You’re given Php 60,000 (about SGD 1,800) by a really cool stranger to go to the airport and pick from any destination in the world to travel to that very moment where would you go?
Definitely Taiwan, with J if possible! Most of the time would be spent at her famous night market, pigging out on those street food!

3. What’s the most attractive trait (physical or non-physical) the opposite sex can have?
How big his heart is. It is difficult to find someone who is 100% identical, even so there will be conflict. Hence having a big heart to forgive and forget, accept things and me for who I am are really important in kinship, relationship and friendship.

4. What’s your biggest turn off? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be about the opposite sex but in general)
Male Chauvinist Pig.

5. You’re feeling down and blue, what’s your go-to comfort food?
All. Sorts. Of. Tidbits. Spicy or non-spicy doesn't matters, I just wanna snack it out.

Hopefully you've know me a little better. If you guys are interested, feel free to attempt the above questions by commenting your answers below or post your blog post link. I'm looking forward to read them!


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