26 March 2015

Lovely Letters // Green

Another round of Lovely Letters!

This month I was paired up with Cara from Stylish+Geek, the most busy woman I have ever met! She has a backpack full of interests and hobbies, ranging from doodling to photography. With these stress free tips and the determination she has in life, it's no wonder she is able to stay sane most of the time!

• notecards
• namecard holder
• washi tape
• notebook
• instant milo
• green tea pocky
• stabilo fineliner
• clover
• lovely letter

The parcel turned out to be more green than I had expected! Colour theme for the win! I would've painted the whole parcel too, but that would just be crazy talk. Heh. Oh, that failed clover? I totally laughed at myself when it was done, but at least I tried incorporating this element since Saint Patrick's Day was in March too.

• notecards
• notebook
• green pen
• necklace
• cake stickers
• lovely letter

I knew where the green envelope was from the moment I saw it resting on the coffee table. Sure was glossy! Took me a while to read the letter (not yet too familiar with cursive, that's why) though. Heh.

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

Take a look at how others packed for this theme here!


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