21 March 2015

Lovely Letters // Valentines

You know when some things are cheesy yet you have that urge to do it no matter what? Yah, it is the same for me when Esther announced the theme for last month's exchange. Sometimes we gotta love that bit of cheesiness in all of us eh? ;)

Being paired up with the beautiful Adrienne was pretty awesome if you ask me. I totally enjoyed stalking knowing her more through her posts! We didn't have much opportunities to communicate with each other due to adulthood and studenthood, but I have a feeling we will stick around quite a bit.

Outgoing parcel
• Notebook (from Sketchy Notions)
• Notecards
• Passport holder
• Heart pendant necklace
• Lovely letter

Incoming parcel
• Notebook with TONS of hearts (LOVE LOVE LOVE!)
• Keychain souvenir
• Lovely letter

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

Take a look at how others packed for this theme here!


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