19 March 2015

Project 365 // Days 47 - 53

047/365 I jokingly asked J if the boss-waiter deliberately serve us drinks in blue and pink mugs. Then, both of us started laughing when we were given orange and blue plates. Definitely our night.

048/365 Tubs of CNY goodies!

049/365 Reunion dinner always consist of our regular favourite food items and lots of chatting. What's the difference this year? Oil splattering. Lots of them.

050/365 The Than has a Wu along this year, just because. Surprisingly he didn't pee in his pants when meeting my paternal family. Well, one-fifth of them. Heh.

051/365 Quick supper after a day of poker and ban luck.

052/365 After a whole day of visiting, Xiao Bai was obviously having withdrawal. It was one of those rare moments when he came running from underneath the sofa when I call for him.

053/365 Spending the last bit of long weekend lazing with these monsters. One of us is not ready for Monday.


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