25 March 2015

Project 365 // Days 54 - 60

054/365 It didn't occur to any of us that we should lo hei when we gather on second day of Chinese New Year, so we had an impromptu session after dinner!

055/365 The cheese stuffed crust and thin body pizza is really suitable for our small stomachs. Mmmm~

056/365 Renri (人日) calls for another round of lo hei. I can never get enough of salmon.

057/365 Selfie with birthday boy

058/365 Took us long enough to select a place to chill, but so glad we ended up here. The pint of cocktail with fruits I shared with Ras made me further love fruit infused drinks.

059/365 Reunion meal with them always have lots of teasing and laughing.

060/365 Creating heart shapes for Lovely Letters partner, but this thing needs way to much strength.


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