09 March 2015

Weekly Wishes #82

March had started out well, you guys! Went for another alphabet date planned by J, managed to snap a black and white photo during the date as well. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Told myself to work out for at least 30 minutes on Saturday, thank goodness my lazy butt was cooperating. Did a full set of warm-up exercises before kicking start 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge and then 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. I had to admit on overestimating myself, thinking I could do a set of 10 each. My passion of fire was burning out when I got to double leg lift, so I reduced the counts by half without giving up. After ending the session with made up cool down exercises, I felt so nauseous and worn out. I haven't perspire the way I did for a loooong time.

Note to self: Have a bottle of water on standby next.


Decide on a Pinterest project. Noob friendly recipes, DIY ideas. Anyone?
Plan for anniversary date. J did a phenomenal job on planning for last year's anniversary, there is no way I can top that. We could use this point of time as a pit-stop for both of us before a crazy year of planning kick starts.
Start and finish The Night Circus for Book Club Discussion. The book has arrived only recently, time to start and catch up!
Eat a slice of cake. Just because.

What are you aiming to achieve in this week?

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!


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