24 March 2015

Weekly Wishes #84

I was self debating if the previous post should be left on the top for a week until the State Funeral on Sunday, but I did say life has to continue, so let's start the week with that heavy heart. (:


Get this tea-a-licious swap checked. It was a good feeling to send out the packetful (get the pun?) parcel! I had also receive mine and opening up the envelope was such a joy to my nose.
Decide on a recipient for this week's #sundaypostchallenge. I ended up sending it to someone near instead of faraway as I had expected. Teehee!
Work on a Pinterest project. Meh.
Lots of water intake and rest. Failed on the water intake part, but I bummed-rest around a lot during the weekend. Early bedtime on weekdays should totally resume.

Oh look! A lobster swimming in our congee!

Go on an Alphabet Date.
Keep spicy food to the minimal. It will definitely be difficult to say NO, but this is totally necessary.
Not slack in exercising department. Last Saturday's routine was skipped because of the humid weather, but well that's just my excuse. Gotta make a point to move my butt.
Snap a black and white photo.

What are you aiming to achieve in this week?

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!


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