29 March 2015

Week's End

// The State Funeral for our founding father happens today. The live broadcasting started at twelve, along with the heaviest downpour of the week. "Fifty years ago, you cried for Singapore. Fifty years later, the nation cries for you."

// Penning a yummy notecard for the last Sunday Post Challenge. The recipient would've love it if another pastry was featured instead, but I know this will still be love nonetheless since we have sweet tooth like that.

// Little Miss Woo followed my mum back to overnight and spend the weekend over. Xiao Bai decided to loaf around her while she plays with blocks, it's as if he's keeping an eye on her or something.

// Since we were hogging the TV, she occupied herself with drawing. I'm actually surprised that she draws so nicely!

A link up with Oak & Oats and Best of Baby

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