25 April 2015

Alphabet Date // Letter B

With J's unemployment coming to an end, I wanted to throw in another alphabet date to help motivate him some ways. When he confirmed the initial dinner plan with his family is not going to happen, I took over the baton of thinking. Why B? Well.... I was wearing a black dress and J could put on a black t-shirt when he picks me up from work. Then again, since when are we not in black right?

Slightly tempted by its menu, we headed to Backstage Cafe after work. J purposely rode to fit the theme and he's pretty proud of the move. Haha. Took us awhile to locate the place because he went the wrong direction, I realised it was a building I have go by pass a couple of times. The interior was so much more cosy than we expected, so much so it has inspired J's dream cafe.

When I share about my debate between Seafood Marinara and Crab Meat Pasta, he frowned and shook his head, totally judging me with that expression of his. The audacity! He wouldn't tell me the reason for that action, but I know it would've been "It's so predictable of you, so basic." Gaaah. I still went ahead with the former, what have I got to lose right?

Seafood Marinara
Prawn Aglio Olio
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings
Our plates of pasta tasted soooo good! J is very strong in his pasta cooking, so it's not easy for him to compliment one, let alone liking. For him to give a nod and letting his taste buds party, it tells a lot about this particular one. If you should know, he totally took back his opinion about my choice when he tried the Seafood Marinara. The chicken wings were rather mediocre though. Nonetheless, two tummies were happy.

Backstage Cafe
158 Kallang Way
#01-06 Performance Building
Singapore 349245
Tel: 6743 6893

Operating Hours
Monday - Saturday: 11AM to 9PM (Last Order: 8.30PM)
Sunday: CLOSED

It was still early to retire home, so we headed to town for some window shopping, in hope to get a new pair of TOMS. Sadly there wasn't even one pair in Rockstar by Soon Lee. Gaaah. Overall, pleased with our dinner and how the evening went, you bet we had a ball of our time. (Sorry, I just had to. LOL!)
What would you plan for this letter during alphabet dating?

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