07 April 2015

Hourly Snap // 1st April

8-ish am // Made a point to be the first to reach office after sending the ladies a message that I wouldn't be able to report to office today. April Fool's mode activated!

9-ish am // Cheng tng for breakfast! I'm considering this as my celebratory dish for being successful at pranking the three ladies.

10-ish am // Starting my work at this hour. Sure it's slightly late, but better than a certain not-so-nice-smelling manager who acts busy when he's actually surfing Yahoo. *roll eyes*

11-ish am // My weight adding into my tray. Someone spare me a lighter please.

12-ish pm // Since the four of us had late and heavy breakfast, we delayed our lunch timing too. Pity my boss, who depended on us quietly to buy his lunch. Oh well. (Yes, I take off the engagement ring when I'm working because it moves around too much since it's doesn't fit.)

1-ish pm // Taking photo was not on my mind at all because I need to satisfy my tummy first. *taps tummy*

2-ish pm // Food coma alert! So glad my bottle is tall enough to be my head rest. Oh, and look! Kitty ears!

3-ish pm // Resuming work with a cup of green tea.

4-ish pm // Got too caught up on job on hand.

5-ish pm // All ready to go off work!

6-ish pm // I love car rides during sunset timing, even when it's raining.

It's really nice to get my hands back on Hourly Snap! It has been fun, but more fun-er pranking my colleagues. Quite evil of me eh? Heh.

How was your April Fool's? Did you manage to play a joke on someone?


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