28 April 2015

Lovely Letters // Colourful

After last month's exchange, I was super excited to know that Esther had another colour related theme up for us! I'm beating myself up a little (not literally, duh) for sending out this parcel later than expected, but at least it's out before the month ends, right?

My adventurous partner is currently base at Los Angeles, Kristen from Peaches, Beaches, & Urbanistas! You know that feeling when you have a certain similarities to a stranger in the internet? Well, that's how I feel towards Kristen! Both born in January, being under spotlight is not quite our thing. We were once gamers for The Sims (well, I still am hah!), but she has way more determination in controlling her mojo than me. The thought of her being in Asia region makes me super excited for her too! Whoop!

• Shawl
• Material for to-do-list
• Notecards
• Colour pens
• Washi tape
• Post it pad
• Fancy gems biscuits
• Lovely letter

I am totally keeping my fingers and toes crossed on hoping that the biscuits wouldn't get too stale by the time the parcel gets to her!

Romantic socks
• Beanie
• Waist beads
• Snacks
• Magnetic notepad
• Lovely letter

While the waist beads made me feel shy a little bit, I love how colourful it was in the parcel! Can't wait for the opportunity to use all of this. The beanie part would be tricky though, since it's summer all year long. Heh.

Have you taken part in any snail exchange before? What would you have included in your package with such a theme?

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